Growing your business can be daunting, and often, you need help.

Changes happen when you identify your biggest issues, then take the next best step.


I'm Bill Horton. I love to transform the way people think about their business so they can move forward and grow with clarity, confidence, and calm.

Portland Business Coach Bill Horton Jr.

My experience as an entrepreneur drives everything I do. When you’ve taken risks as a business owner, you know that failure is an opportunity to learn and succeed. I’ve owned three businesses and had to embrace a difficult failure.

I love being an entrepreneur because I know that it’s not about getting rid of your fears, it’s about developing the courage and the confidence to navigate them.

“Your energy and enthusiasm have given me as much as the practical tools I’ve developed!”
“There’s no way to describe how much you’ve improved my confidence in my business.”
Business Coaching & Education

I live in Portland, Oregon. I'm crazy about:


I work with businesses to take small steps that add up to big changes. 

Here’s what you can expect if you work with me: 

What does success look like?

Together, we assess where you are, and our work is designed to get you where you want to be.

  • Create new sales strategies
  • Clarify your customer segments and identify ideal clients
  • Generate new income streams
  • Charge what you're worth and generate more revenue
  • Improve how you engage and connect with your clients
  • Get comfortable navigating your business's finances
  • Adapt to changes in your role as your business expands
“In working with you, I’ve become more confident explaining the value of my work to clients. Changing the conversation has allowed me to raise my rates and attract new and better clients.”
“Working with Bill helped me develop confidence so I could expand my business to work with global clients. He’s the best!”


I work with your team as a chief facilitator and dynamic speaker.

Every person in the room walks away from my sessions newly energized, with tangible, practical tools they can implement now. 

I’m currently designing curricula and training businesses for:

What you can expect from a talk or training:

I tailor the same strategies from my consulting work to work for your team. We focus on:

  • The importance of taking risks and learning from failure
  • Building confidence and communication among your team
  • Creating and sustaining new habits
  • Understanding your audience or clients — "see them first"
  • Working off-script and using principles of improv theater
  • Creating strategies for growing and evolving your business
“You are a truly inspired and talented teacher. Your positive attention and interest in my work boosted my confidence, which has already helped me to be more successful.”
“You brought us together as a group in a profound way and thanks so much for your encouragement and support for me personally.”

How I Work

When you create new habits, the changes in your business follow swiftly and with surprising force. 

Let's start a conversation.

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